Local Accommodation

Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex is in a very accessible location and is also surrounded by a number of comfortable places to stay.

The Dun Cow

 The Duncow is a vintage inn just 5 minutes from the complex that offers bed & breakfast.

 The Green
 CV22 6NJ

 Tel: 01788 810305


The Green Man

 Opposite the Duncow, the Green Man is another lovely country pub that offers accommodation.

 Greenman Pub/Hotel
 14 Daventry Road
 CV22 6NS

 Tel: 01788 810210


Travel Lodge

For a different style accommodation there is a Travelodge conveniently located on the A45.
A45 London Road
 CV23 9LG.

Tel: 08719 846099                    


We hope you find this useful, please contact us on 01788 817724 if we can be of any assistance.